infused-water-bottle-sharp-infuserCarib Place is a PR-friendly blog. We have worked with many companies to help promote new products, contests, and other promotions. We specialize in writing reviews, hosting giveaways, and promoting foods, consumer products, household products, appliances and health & beauty items.

Who is Carib Place?

We’re a small group of friends who love to try out and test new products all the time. We focus mainly on household and kitchen products such as coffee grinders, silicone chocolate molds, infuser water bottles and pitchers, vegetable slicers, kitchen knives, and much, much more! But we do try products in other categories as well.

Who’s on the team:

Karen is a mother of three… These tiny bundles of joy occupy pretty much all of my time. :) Otherwise, I love blogging (obviously), hoola hoops, fishing, paintball, reading, swimming, biking, kayaking, gardening… yeah, I like being outside.

Steph is new(er) to being a “grown-up.” Married to her best friend, and learning what it means to be in the career world, she loves DIY projects, reading, interior design, and finding new ways to save, trade and barter.

Thomas isa Virtual Assistant, uber nerd, and animal lover. He has an iPhone 6 which he uses mainly for video game system emulation, two dogs, and has an obsessive need to fill every nook and cranny of his phone’s hard drive with music.

Products Reviews to Expect

claras-coffee-travel-camping-coffee-grinder-manualWe update this site sporadically. But you’ll often see reviews of new products. So stay tuned with us and learn something new! You sure wont be disappointed with our reviews, we tend to be right.

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