Silicone Lego Candy Molds and Ice Cube Trays

clarita-home-candy-moldsWe recently bought the Lego inspired silicone molds by Clarita Home. They can be used to make hard candy, chocolate, ice, candles, soap, and more! The possibilities are endless!

We were so excited to get and try these!! My two boys are HUGE lego fans (it helps that mom is too) so of course we just had to have these molds!! I thought yeah it will be cute we can make colored ice, or maybe some chocolate…. but mainly I was thinking ice (I try not to be an over achiever). But then when I saw the box there were more ideas right before my very eyes!! How convienient! No pinterest needed? Score!

Lego Silicone Mold Recipes

lego-men-ice-cube-trayWe Did do the ice first… come on you knew it was gonna happen. And the boys loved them. They licked them and played with them and then disolved them in a glass. They were in heaven. I wasn’t exactly planning on trying another method for these to be used in the same night, but of course -chaotic as our lives are- I spilled the remaining not yet frozen lego trays. Shame on mom. The ensuing meltdowns had me running to that box for another quickie of an idea.

Crayons! Perfect for all those tiny bits and pieces that my kids insist are special and important and “noooooo mommmmm we neeeeeed thoseeee”. Yep those buggers were gonna be melted down. muah ha ha. I count this as a mom win! So i quickly grabbed the box of pieces and filled each tray. Popped them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes until they were completely melted down. After letting them cool they were ready for use right away. My Mother in Law was so worried that the crayons would ruin the silicone, but HA! another mom win!!

clarita-home-jelly-molds-legoThe silicone molds are still perfect! I definitely recommend these if you have your own little lego fans at home. The possibilities really are endless and these are durable molds.

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